Airbrush Makeup


Unlike traditional makeup, Airbrush makeup is a specialized technique. It is sprayed onto the skin using a special makeup gun. It is used to create an even and controllable airflow by creating a fine mist, which, pixelates and blends evenly onto the skin, creating a highly flawless coverage from a sheer dewy or opaque texture to a full coverage. The choice is yours! Although Cherie when requested uses the traditional makeup she has over 16 years of specialising in the Airbrush makeup application and can provide you with a personalised makeup of your choice.

It has a lightweight feel to it because of the way the product is applied onto the skin and stays on the surface, which minimises skin imperfections. It is ideally used in all areas of makeup but specifically for Digital Photography, TV, Film and the Bridal Sector. It requires minimal to no touch ups to keep it looking perfect. It lasts approximately 20 – 24 hours.

In comparison, traditional makeup is placed and buffed into the skin, which results in the product being absorbed a little more easily. You will notice that airbrush reduces the amount of shine to the skin by almost half.

Brides in particular benefit from airbrush makeup because of the close up photography that is required and also its durability. It will feel light on the skin and will give phenomenal results to the overall look of the makeup. The beauty of airbrush makeup is that it looks so flawless and natural to the naked eye and perfect in photos. In most cases, the Bride will request Airbrush makeup for herself and traditional makeup for the bridesmaids. This is discussed at the trial and, of course, Cherie will provide you with her expertise and advice according to your specific needs.

Advantages of Airbrush makeup include: speed of application, longevity and durability, the true advantage is the beautiful finished result it produces.

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